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What Is Respite Care?

What Is Respite Care?

September 28, 2023

When it comes to determining the right level of care for you or your loved one, there is rarely an easy way to do it. The decision itself is often fraught with feelings and can be complicated by the unique circumstances every family brings to the table when considering questions of this nature. However, knowledge is power, as they say, and LivWell Seniors is happy to help with a high-level introduction to the basics that will leave you feeling prepared to take whatever step is next in the journey ahead.

Respite care provides temporary care for you or your loved one when the primary caregiver (often a family member) needs a break from the responsibility of caregiving.


A short-term solution aimed at minimizing caregiver burnout; respite care is the perfect option in situations where the overall living situation is working out but requires a little temporary relief at times. Respite care involves professional caregivers assuming the responsibilities of the primary caregiver, either at home, at adult-day centers, or at a senior retirement community.


Anyone who needs relief or respite from the responsibilities of being a primary caregiver to a loved one.

Consider This Scenario

Bob, aged 75, has been facing the challenges of Parkinson’s disease. His wife, Carolyn, is his primary caregiver and she is committed to keeping him at home for as long as possible. She lovingly manages Bob’s complex medication regimen and always ensures his safety. Bob’s condition requires constant supervision, and the risk of physical harm is too high for him to be left alone.

No matter how much Carolyn loves to care for Bob, there are times when she needs to run errands, go to doctor’s appointments, and attend social events, such as an upcoming out-of-state family wedding next month. Unfortunately, Bob’s physical limitations and cognitive capacity limit his ability to run minor errands, handle crowds, and travel long distances.

In these situations, respite care is the perfect solution. A skilled caregiver can come to their home and provide dedicated care for Bob, ensuring his well-being while Carolyn tends to other responsibilities. During the wedding, Bob will stay at a senior retirement community, where he can receive specialized care and attention.

Respite care not only addresses Bob’s needs but also grants Carolyn peace of mind, knowing that Bob is in capable hands while she takes care of essential tasks and enjoys important family events.


The average cost range of respite care in a senior retirement community in 2023 is $175 to $250 per day.

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