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The Caregivers’ Information Checklist

The Caregivers’ Information Checklist

October 19, 2023

Organizing crucial information about an elderly loved one is akin to assembling a compass for an intricate journey. As time unfolds, the aging process can introduce unexpected twists and turns, accompanied by shifts in health, financial dynamics, and legal circumstances. In the role of caregiver, anticipating and preparing for these transitions is essential.

Having a well-structured repository of vital information ensures that when the need arises—be it a medical emergency or a crucial decision concerning their well-being—you are equipped with the knowledge required to navigate these challenges effectively while providing the best possible care. In this fast-paced expedition called life, an organized information compass not only provides a sense of direction but also grants the reassurance of being well-prepared for the expedition of caregiving.

LivWell Seniors has learned by supporting countless caregivers through a range of life transitions, that the task of gathering important information and documents is often easily overlooked. Nevertheless, we believe dedicating time and effort to this process is immensely valuable. The list below serves as an excellent starting point for collecting and managing essential information.

Personal Information

  • Full name (maiden name and any prior names)
  • Social Security number
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate

Contact Information

  • Emergency contacts (family, friends, neighbors, and support groups)
  • In-home caregivers
  • Primary care physician
  • Specialists
  • Power of attorney (financial and healthcare)
  • Lawyers, accountants, financial advisors

Medication Information

  • List of current medications, dosages, and schedules
  • Allergies and known medical conditions
  • Preferred pharmacy

Insurance Information

  • Health insurance
  • Medicare and/or Medicaid
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term care insurance

Legal and Financial Information

  • Power of attorney papers (financial and healthcare)
  • Will and/or trust documents
  • Assets (property, bank accounts, pension, and retirement accounts)
  • Debts and liabilities (mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, etc.)
  • Bank information (including all authorized signatories)
  • Investments, savings, CDs, and money market accounts

Veteran Information

  • Military service records
  • Veterans’ benefits
  • Veteran ID card or discharge papers

End-of-Life and Funeral Wishes

  • Religious or spiritual preferences for end-of life care
  • Preferred burial or cremation wishes
  • Donation preferences (organs, body, etc.)

In the demanding role of caregiving, tending to a loved one’s care can sometimes overshadow the essential task of organizing vital information. The provided checklist serves as a solid starting point, addressing fundamental areas from personal and legal details to financial and insurance information.

Remember, preparation today can alleviate stress and uncertainty tomorrow, enabling you to provide the best possible care and support to those you cherish.

If you need further assistance or guidance, LivWell Seniors is here to support you every step of the way. Your dedication to caregiving is commendable, and we stand ready to assist you in this important role.

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