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Independent Living

Independent Living

February 9, 2023


When you’re still able to take care of yourself but hate the added hassle of caring for your home, Independent Living might be the best choice. This option is often situated inside a senior living community, allowing its residents to have plenty of social support. As people are living longer and families are more spread out, this lifestyle choice is emerging as a top choice for seniors who want to maintain their independence.


This is an ideal choice for people who are still in good health and able to care for themselves, but who no longer want the added burden of caring for a home.

Consider This Scenario:

Joe recently lost his wife of 40 years, and without her there to help maintain the home and keep him company, he realizes he might be better off in another living situation. Because he’s still healthy and doesn’t need help with the activities of daily living, Joe would be best suited in an Independent Living community that will provide social support and will help him gain
independence by offloading the burden of caring for the home.


Full-service retirement communities (meals, housekeeping, transportation, utilities) can start from $2,500/month, depending on the size of residence (one- and two-bedrooms) and services included.

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