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Home Health Care

February 9, 2023


Skilled-level services that can be obtained with a written order from a doctor or physical therapist. This level of service is often appropriate after a hospital stay or any acute incident, like a fall, but may also be utilized when there is the progression of a disease like Alzheimer’s. These are outpatient physical and occupational therapies offered intermittently and geared toward strengthening and improving the physical capacity of a person who has experienced a decline in a particular area.

Some examples of available therapies include:
• Wound care
• Intravenous therapy
• Injections
• Physical therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Monitoring serious illness


Anyone who has experienced a decline in a particular area and who can be supported through the available therapies.

Consider This Scenario:

Ken recently suffered a stroke, leaving the left side of his body weakened. His wife, Mary, can help him with the activities of daily living but needs the assistance of medical professionals to help rehabilitate his weakness. Three days a week a physical therapist comes to the house to walk Ken through the exercise that will help him regain strength on the affected side of his body.


Covered by insurance and/or Medicare/Medicaid.

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