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Home Care

February 9, 2023


Home care can provide essential services and varying levels of care when a person needs some assistance with any of their activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, medication management, grocery shopping, errand services, and transportation to the doctor or other appointments. In addition, some light-duty household assistance like laundry and cooking/meal prep is also available as in-home care.


Anyone who needs assistance maintaining their home and/or requires assistance with the activities of daily living.

Consider This Scenario:

Your parents built a home together 50 years ago and your 83-year-old mother has been living there alone since your dad died. She has dementia and forgets to eat and take her medicine. She’s fallen a few times and hasn’t broken anything yet, but you know it is inevitable that she will get hurt. She is no longer able to prepare nutritious meals like she used to, and she’s also quit driving, making it hard for her to get to the grocery store and pharmacy. She’s been asked to use a walker or cane in the home, but she refuses. You and your siblings are taking turns helping her when you’re able, but you’re also trying to raise your own children and grandchildren. As a family, you decide to enlist the help of a home care provider. This provider comes three days a week, four hours in the morning and four hours in the evening. During this time, she helps mom get ready for the day, prepares meals mom can heat up when she wants to eat, makes sure she’s taking her medicine and helps her to bed in the evening. This allows your family to know she is safe between your visits and reduces some of the strain on the family as a whole.


Around $35/hour depending on the market. This route can be cost-prohibitive as full-time in-home care (8 hours a day/5 days a week) is more expensive than assisted living.

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