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How to Deal With Your Inherited Home

  • How to Deal With Your Inherited Home
    January 16, 2024

    Dealing with an inherited home is a complex subject, and there are several complicated issues to resolve. Additionally, it is not uncommon for a person selling an inherited home to have a sentimental attachment to the property, with the sale being the result of a recent death in the immediate family. This adds an emotionally overwhelming component to the transaction.

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  • Navigating a Crisis: A Guide for Long-Distance Caregivers
    October 19, 2023

    In the intricate maze of elder care, senior resource specialists stand as beacon lights, showing the way. For long-distance caregivers, particularly in a crisis, LivWell Seniors’ expertise is a lifesaver. Our specialists can help turn a challenging journey into a navigable path, ensuring your loved ones not only get the care they require but thrive amidst their new circumstances.

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  • A Caregiver’s Guide to Helping Seniors Downsize
    October 19, 2023

    Downsizing is more than just moving to a smaller space; it is a poignant journey through years of memories. With empathy, patience, and proper planning, caregivers can provide invaluable support, ensuring a smooth transition into the next chapter of their life.

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  • Build an Estate Plan With Our Help
    September 28, 2023

    Broadly speaking, an estate plan (either a will-based estate plan or a trust-based estate plan) encompasses the accumulation, conservation, and distribution of an estate. A good estate plan will enhance and maintain the financial security of individuals and their families.

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