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About Senior Star at Weber Place

Senior living options at Weber Place provide all levels of senior care services for residents to celebrate the best moments of life. Enjoy an active lifestyle full of new experiences in an independent living community, or find peace of mind that your loved one will be cared for by a team of dedicated professionals in our assisted living program. That’s what makes Weber Place home for so many in the Romeoville area. For those caring for loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s, our innovative memory care options allow spouses, families, and caregivers to continue making new memories while finding renewed purpose to spark moments from the past. line&para Exceptional senior living in Romeoville—Enhance your life at our vibrant retirement community! Looking for life-enriching senior living near you? Our retirement community is filled with amazing stories about the lives of the residents, their families, those who refer them to us, and our associates at Weber Place. They are daughters and sons, wives and husbands, moms and dads…They’ve taught in our schools, cared for our sick, and fought in our wars…It is the legacy of these lives that we cherish and celebrate every day! line&para Throughout our lives, so much of our own story is written at home. They are a collage of moments, memories, and milestones that make up the fabric of who we are and who we’ve become. Weber Place, an exceptional senior living community in Romeoville, provides lifestyle options that allow your family to continue creating those memories at home in a community where your family’s voice and legacy is heard, valued, and celebrated. line&para At Weber Place, we encourage our residents and our associates to embrace their own story in this world. We are an active, vibrant, and diverse retirement community that allows every story to be told through the eyes of all who walk through our doors. Our residents, their families, our associates, and our caregivers find value in creating moments every day that help mothers, daughters, fathers, sons, and neighbors continue to write a story—a legacy—that is unique, personal, and full of purpose. Welcome to Senior Star at Weber Place—Let us be a part of your story! line&para Rediscover your passions with independent living in Romeoville! Individuals, couples, and even siblings choose Weber Place independent living as a natural next chapter in their story. line&para Choosing independent living means choosing freedom from the tasks and responsibilities associated with maintaining a home and provides residents with the opportunity to take advantage of everything life has to offer. Your personal lifestyle preferences and routines don’t have to change, but the worries about anything from safe transportation in the winter to cooking, cleaning, and home maintenance are now handled by our caring independent living associates who quickly become an extension of your family. Time spent with loved-ones can be focused not on tasks but on quality-time. line&para At Weber Place independent living community, your days can be spent fulfilling personal goals, preserving treasured relationships and building new ones, staying up late or getting up early, and traveling or enjoying the peace of home. Plus, family traditions and events are easy to continue with the entire community in our private dining rooms, backyard, and patio spaces. Was Wednesday always laundry day? It still can be or instead Skype® with the brother who lives 3,000 miles away. Or, enjoy one of our many independent living amenities including Laughter Yoga® in our fitness center, salon and spa services, and our multiple dining venues. line&para Days spent at Weber Place are days filled with the resounding buzz of the stories of our greatest generation. Our assisted living residents chat over coffee on the day’s news and sports, weaving in their unique and rich histories—the lives they’ve lived. line&para Weber Place assisted living community is driven by purpose—whether it’s a resident holding the door for a peer, an associate delivering the perfect cup of coffee, or a visiting musician tickling the keys of the community piano—we all set out to live each moment and each day meaningfully. line&para What is home for you? With assisted living at Weber Place, it’s a community filled with love and laughter fostering a spirit of health and well-being. Where activities of daily living are supported by whatever level of senior care services a resident requires. Whether that’s help tying a shoe, assistance standing up from a comfortable seat, or a reminder to take daily medication our assisted living care team is here to help you every step of the way. line&para Most of all, home is where the stories happen. It’s sharing in these moments of one’s life, history, and heart. Home is being not only heard but known. It’s legacy. line&para As you walk through the memory care community at Weber Place, you’ll understand why we describe it as a place of purpose. So often those needing Alzheimer’s and dementia care experience life through this very narrow lens. Our view is very different—fully recognizing each person with her unique past experiences, knowledge, and skills. line&para With lives well-lived, love stories that yearn to be told, and physical capabilities that have not been lost. Imagine the joy, purpose, and fulfillment your mom may feel as she takes her basket of laundry to the backyard to hang clothing. Rather than sitting alone in a room watching TV, these simple moments that provide purpose in life are the core focus of our memory support services. line&para Nurturing moments through experienced memory care services. At Weber Place, our memory care community sees the whole person in developing a dementia care plan for our residents and their families. Finding the tasks that provide purpose, satisfaction, and joy—day or night—are at the core of our care. line&para As you share your parent’s life story, we, partnering with you, will create an individualized Alzheimer’s and dementia care plan that strives to help preserve his or her routine and personal culture, while honoring his or her preferences. Our care partners then help to maintain this lifestyle. line&para At Weber Place, we are a senior living community filled with people who come to work ready to serve. Every day that we walk through the doors in Romeoville, we look forward to making a positive impact on the residents we care for and the families who come to visit. Finding value and purpose in celebrating all the moments of our day is an important part of extending our family to you. line&para Weber Place retirement community strives to provide excellent service and care for those who live in our community. Through open communication, responsive service, and our commitment to continuous improvement, we want everyone who walks through our doors to expect excellence and see it in action! line&para As a way to reinforce our commitment to excellence, Senior Star has achieved a three-year accreditation at all levels of care from the accrediting organization, CARF. Our journey was paved by the core values of our company. This accreditation goes beyond checking the boxes to get the gold seal. This validates the way Senior Star has always done business. In addition, it allows us to continue to pursue excellence in all that we do to serve community residents, their families, and the greater community. line&para We are committed to excellence in senior living. We believe you should expect the best in care and service from every senior living community. line&para At Weber Place Senior Living Community in Romeoville, it is our purpose to be present and supportive, ready to see, value, and hear your family. We want to be responsive to you. We want to be an extension of your family. From tackling the daily appointments to celebrating life’s biggest moments, our team of associates is always ready and willing to serve.


Utilities, cable, Wi-Fi, high speed Internet included.

Dining Options:

Mealtime should be experienced exactly as you want with all the choices that make meals at home enjoyable. Weber Place offers dining options that fit any lifestyle. From traditional dining room hours to anytime dining options, our chef and his team make sure that everyone is well-fed and content.

Residents may invite family, friends, and neighbors to gather anytime they want. The Weber Place team will help plan the perfect gathering or event, whether a small gathering in your apartment or using our facilities. We can help you hold celebrations, special dinners, and private parties. It is our pleasure to cook, organize, and prepare for your occasion.

We offer our residents several dining options including anytime dining which gives everyone healthy meal options with flexibility to fit any schedule—day or night. Residents can join friends during the scheduled dining times, enjoying our daily, changing menus or order from a variety of nutritiously planned meal options if they choose or need to eat after scheduled mealtimes.

Whether you choose to have a meal at a time that is convenient for you or prefer traditional dining in the company of friends and neighbors, Senior Star at Weber Place is here to accommodate every need. And snacks are always available.

Cleaning Services:

We provide weekly housekeeping and linen service for our independent living residents. We provide weekly housekeeping and full laundry service for our assisted living and memory care residents.


Senior Star at Weber Place offers a variety of weekly events and programs personalized for residents in independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Whether attending a game night or visiting a museum in Romeoville, there is always an exciting event at Senior Star.

Embracing senior living is an unforgettable experience when residents discover the joys of becoming part of a community. Participating in community events is a wonderful way to achieve this experience. We love hosting special events for our residents, families, and local Romeoville care partners. Let us help you celebrate your next family occasion!

Life is a celebration of events. We delight in the opportunity to provide calendars full of daily programs and activities as well as community events for all to enjoy. Our team finds pleasure helping residents host your special events including anniversary dinners, birthday parties, holiday meals, and more for our residents, families, and care partners. Let us help make planning easy for your next occasion! Senior Star at Weber Place understands the importance of bringing families together to celebrate important traditions. This is why we take care of the planning, shopping, setup, and cooking—so that residents and family members can focus solely on capturing memories. These are the moments that make senior living truly special.

Whether reserving the tearoom for a special gathering or hosting a birthday party in the main dining room, our team makes it possible to have a “night out” without having to leave the comfort of home. Senior Star at Weber Place looks forward to helping all our special guests feel at home.

Community events at Weber Place bring people together for fun, friendship, and connection. Each month we plan a variety of community events that include organizations from around town, special speakers on intriguing topics, and social gatherings that allow residents, families, and friends to enjoy all that life has to offer. Local musicians, school groups, and community organizations participate and provide entertainment, opportunities to give back, and memories that last for generations to come. Everyone is welcome to attend an event with Senior Star at Weber Place. You are encouraged to come join us or ask how we can help you plan that next special day for you and your loved ones!

Common Areas and Special Features:

It is said that the mind and the body are intimately connected. Thoughts and feelings can be affected by the very movements that our brains tell us to make in the first place. This complex relationship compels us to provide Senior Star residents with a wide variety of programs that we hope will pique individual interests, inspire a sense of purpose, and engage holistic health and well-being.

Do you ever wonder what it would feel like to awake refreshed in the morning after experiencing a night of sound sleeping? We are all so busy with life that it’s hard to quiet our minds at night—and when you have finding senior living care for a loved one, it can be even harder to sleep.

At Senior Star at Weber Place, we recognize the importance of sound sleep for you and your family. We’ve developed Signature Services to help residents and families check those tasks off your to-do list. Let us help you have sweet dreams knowing mom and dad are well cared for with our senior living services and activities, so when you visit you can focus on spending quality time together making memories.

We believe providing service with excellence starts by keeping one question top of mind at all times: “What can I do for Marie today that would ease her mind?” We focus on identifying the areas in life where a resident, like Marie, might appreciate having a little less worry with a little more help, and we extend a hand.

Making sure your mom is comfortable in her home really is the reason Senior Star associates arrive to work each day with a smile. More than the many senior living services we provide—the daily tasks that we must accomplish, welcoming guests through our doors, keeping up our beautiful community surroundings—the thing that brings us the most pleasure is serving your mom.

Why? Because we see how a resident’s happiness and good health blossoms through quality senior care and quality time spent with those she loves. Our Signature Services were developed to allow us to take care of things for your mom, so that you can simply enjoy your time together.

The way we see it, we are an extension of family to every resident who resides with us. And we are delighted to do what we can to help your mom or dad sleep a little better at night. Perhaps, you will sleep a little better too.

Concierge Services—How can our senior living services help you? Imagine eliminating the stress of travel, deliveries, and errands from your daily routine while still enjoying the benefits of the destination. Concierge services make this a reality for all residents. Specialized concierge services include arranging room service, coordinating professional appointments, and scheduling transportation.

All residents may take advantage of these services—most of which are available at no charge. Friendly associates work hard to give residents the support needed to accomplish daily tasks and never miss a moment of the people, places, and events that matter most.

Lifelong Learning Centers enable you to connect online with family and friends using a computer and Wi-Fi access or find new ways to learn and engage with the world. Connect with loved ones through free Internet and digital services available throughout the common areas of our community! We make technology fun and approachable for residents, families, and associates of all ages. From Skype® video chatting to learning the latest ways to connect with friends online via social media, email, and other popular websites.

Popular Lifelong Learning Center activities include Skype with family members anytime you want, social networking on Facebook and other websites, email access, knowledge base activities, business center services, and Dakim® BrainFitness.

Associates are always available to answer a question or help you connect with your loved ones. Our goal is to provide you with an area where you can connect with purpose the way you want to with the use of the latest technologies.

Computers with Skype access are available in common areas to help residents connect with family and loved ones in a fun, enjoyable, and easy way—whether near Romeoville, IL, or across the country.

Dakim® BrainFitness is a fun and interactive way to engage your brain. It is surprising to some as they pass our Lifelong Learning Center to see a resident playing a trivia video game. However, residents appreciate that Dakim® BrainFitness machines provide fun cognitive stimulation through interactive games designed for seniors and find it a very engaging way to exercise their brains.

Study after study reveals that lifestyle choices support important cognitive functions like memory and focus. A quick Internet search on “brain health” will lead to a plethora of information on the benefits of keeping your mind active and ways to help do just that.

Books, crossword puzzles, riddles…the list goes on. We believe it is important to invest in innovations that provide engaging options for residents to experience brain fitness activities, like our Dakim® BrainFitness machines.

Dakim is an entirely different approach to brain training. Dakim’s patented protocol employs more than one hundred different sophisticated, scientifically-based, and intellectually challenging cognitive exercise types—and thousands of individual exercises—to provide an ever-changing brain-training experience.

We believe in fostering meaningful and purposeful experiences for residents every day. Our Dakim machines feature videos, stunning graphics, music, and even a sense of humor. And good humor certainly abounds within the walls of our community, bustling with conversations among members of the greatest generation—some of the wittiest people you’ll ever meet.

Zumba Gold®—Get moving with this fun fitness program designed for active older adults. Great music and dancing—who said exercise can’t be fun? Zumba Gold® is specially designed for the older adult and engages everyone who passes by a session. Participants enjoy the combination of Latin-inspired and international dance rhythms and easy, exhilarating movements. Zumba Gold® is all about moving to the music—but we don’t emphasize “proper” dance and exercise techniques; instead, we focus on experiencing motion, breathing, and engagement in a manner that is comfortable to our own unique body.

Through zesty Latin-inspired music and international dance rhythms, residents do their own version of the salsa, merengue, cumbia, and reggaeton, led by our certified Zumba Gold® instructor. Modified moves and pacing suit the needs and abilities of each person, whether they are a first-time participant or a regular attendee. Through this program, residents are afforded the freedom to connect with their thoughts and feelings and express themselves without the use of language. It’s a shared experience, right in the comfort of home.

Imagine your mother, whose declining muscle strength and agility has you concerned. Residents in similar conditions have shared that after two months of regular use they had positive changes, including increased stability and strength. Both they and their children have shared how this has reduced their fears about falls. ShapeMaster® exercise machines provide residents with an easy, comfortable, and safe fitness routine.

ShapeMaster®—Senior specific workout machines to help increase movement and flexibility. There’s nothing like the feeling of being wrapped up in your mother’s arms. No matter how old you are, those arms work night and day to celebrate your happy moments and comfort your sad times; providing strength, encouragement, and comfort when needed.

Your mom’s arms are as important, as is her heart. She has an easy and comfortable way to take good care of both of them using our ShapeMaster® exercise equipment. Each machine is specially designed using power-assistance, providing gentle movement of the main muscle groups. The equipment can be used passively or actively, with as much or as little effort as she sees fit.

Input from our residents is sought frequently as we introduce new services and programs. Senior Star residents were chosen to participate in a study conducted by Oklahoma State University to test six power assisted ShapeMaster® machines. The residents participated in 12 weeks of supervised training using the machines, which are designed to provide a full body workout that can potentially reduce the possibility of injury to the muscles, joints, and ligaments with low impact resistance training.

The study results showed tremendous benefits including a significant improvement in muscle strength of between 24% and 50%, mobility and agility increased by 22%, and balance improved by 33%.

In general, the benefits of exercise are many, from maintaining independence, reducing the risk of falls and fracturing bones, to reducing the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. Even mental health is affected because exercise reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression and fosters improvements in mood and feelings of well-being. Plus, using our ShapeMaster® equipment, your mom or dad just might hug you a little tighter.

Laughter Yoga®—Discover the benefits of laughter. Did you know there are health benefits to laughing? Relieve your stress and open your mind to the benefits of breathing and laughing with friends.

Stroll down the halls of our community on a Saturday morning and you might witness residents clapping and calling out to one another, “Very good, very good, yay!” as they burst out in laughter.

These are special words that are spoken as part of our Laughter Yoga® program. Through Laughter Yoga, anyone can laugh for no reason without relying on humor or jokes. Initiated in 1995 by Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from Mumbai, India, Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with yogic breathing and is simulated in a group as a body exercise.

Our certified Laughter Yoga instructor leads participants through the program, based on the scientific fact that the body cannot distinguish between fake and real laughter…the same physiological and psychological benefits are achieved.

Laughter Yoga triggers body endorphins, releases stress, decreases blood pressure, and boosts the immune system. Residents experience an increase in joy within their lives while decreasing stress levels, blood pressure, and anxiety. Describing the benefits of our Laughter Yoga program can be easily summed up in a few words: “very good, very good, yay!”

There might not yet be a medical treatment to ease the suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or forms of dementia; however, we know how to treat the soul. If for only a few minutes at a time, memory care programs center on universal soul food including the convergence of music, nostalgia, purpose, and mindfulness. We invite you to experience the magic of Weber Place’s Memory Care programs in Romeoville, IL.

Music and Memory™—Recall, re-experience, and embrace important memories. Residents unlock the memories of yester-year with personalized playlists. This moving program improves the quality of life for residents, caregivers, and families. Experience our unique memory care activities and programs.

We’ve all experienced it. Open grandmother’s jewelry box and a waft of her perfume transports you to childhood. Flip to a radio station to hear a few seconds of “Oh What a Night”—suddenly, you’re fondly recalling your Senior Prom.

Our memory and senses move alongside one another with effortless harmony. Like a waltz, sense takes the lead, and memory follows suit. And therein lies the beauty and magic of the Music and Memory™ dance. We know today that music has the incredible power to transcend the symptoms of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This is because our brains are hard-wired to connect music with long-term memory.

Every day at Weber Place, residents don headphones and listen to customized iPod playlists, created by their loved ones. Once the headphones hit their ears—you’ll have to see it to believe it—residents come alive, brimming with joy and a renewed sense of self. For those suffering from the daily hardships of dementia or Alzheimer’s, this program offers a poignant reprieve.

Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environment—An experience that provides an outlet for exploration and is an excellent way to recharge and relax.

We live in an age where Alzheimer’s disease research is ever evolving—we know more today about the disease than we did yesterday. So, at Weber Place, we recognize the importance of constantly embracing new innovations in memory care.

The Snoezelen® Multi-Sensory Environment is a safe, welcoming room where residents can go to enjoy gentle stimulation of the primary senses. Filled with all things soothing—lights, sounds, scents, textures, and comfortable furniture—the relaxing atmosphere offers residents a respite from challenges, confusion, and agitation. This immersive experience provides an outlet for exploration and is an excellent way to recharge and relax.

Destination Stations®—Creating a profound source of joy and comfort for memory care residents.

Our life experiences shape the person we are today. Whether a stay-at-home mom, a journalist, a gardener, or a machinist—our days are always defined by how we spend them. At Senior Star, we recognize that every action in our day serves a purpose. For a mother at home with her children, grocery shopping is important. For a father who works in the garage, using tools and fixing things brings him fulfillment.

From making our beds in the morning to helping a neighbor, Senior Star has built that sense of purpose into the designs of our building—especially in our innovative approach to memory care.

For those living with Alzheimer’s disease or symptoms of dementia, living with purpose is of utmost importance. So, we created Destination Programming® and Destination Stations®.

What is a Destination Station®? A Destination Station is a place that invites participation in meaningful activity. For a resident who dedicated her young life to motherhood, grocery-shopping at the Weber Place Country Store allows for reminiscing on past grocery trips, and is a way for important movement that may help to improve range of motion—lifting her arm to reach a can on the shelf and place it in her cart. For a “fix-it” man, tinkering with tools at a station not only encourages a purposeful practice, but provides a wonderful sensory experience for dad to feel the Allen wrench in his left hand, while steadying washers and a screw in his right hand.

To reach a destination means that you are traveling with intention. Destination Stations are life-giving—and this life comes in the form of many purposeful moments strung together within a Weber Place resident’s day.

Memory Care Backyard—Enjoy purposeful moments each day in the beauty of the outdoors. Set in the safety of an enclosed courtyard, a resident may enjoy the fragrance and taste of food fresh from the grill, the soothing sound of bubbling water, or the pleasure of working in raised flower beds—along with all of the memories these may evoke. Our memory support services aid the mind and body.

We created a beautiful backyard in our courtyard, readily accessible to all Weber Place memory care residents. Equally important is the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature at any time. The backyard has all the components of a nostalgic and beautiful haven.

Residents are welcome to enjoy backyard barbecues and family get togethers safely in the fresh air and sunshine. The bird house and feeder offer communion with nature, and our frequent visiting sparrows and starlings have quickly become favored friends.

There are many other attributes to the backyard—from a shade trellis to a meditation bench to an old-fashioned mailbox—each component of the backyard offers feelings of serenity, nostalgia, and a sense of purpose.


We offer scheduled transportation 7 days/week for shopping, appointments, group activities, and church services. We also have garages and storage space available for an extra fee.

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