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Perry Lutheran Homes Willis Campus

Perry Lutheran Homes Willis Campus

2323 Willis Avenue

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About Perry Lutheran Homes Willis Campus

Looking for award-winning senior housing and care? Choose Perry Lutheran Homes! Seniors and families choose Perry Lutheran Homes Willis Campus and Spring Valley Retirement Community Campus for innovative, personalized, and Christ-centered living and care. Perry Lutheran Homes are your Christian, caring community offering a continuum of care for your loved one to meet their changing needs. Perry Lutheran Homes offer education and expertise, home care, independent living, assisted living, respite care, therapy (physical, occupational, and speech), long-term nursing care, three levels of progressive and award-winning memory care, and compassionate end-of-life care. line&para Our Willis Campus offers long-term skilled care, mid and advanced stage memory care, rehabilitative therapy (physical, occupational, and speech), respite care, and end of life care. line&para Long-Term Skilled Nursing Care—If you or your loved one needs intermediate or long-term skilled nursing care, our Christ-centered and compassionate care family will welcome you with open arms. Perry Lutheran Homes' Willis Campus offers personalized care activities, daily interaction with children, weekly Bible study and worship, and compassionate staff all in Perry, Iowa. line&para Memory Care—Perry Lutheran Homes offers three levels of specialized and award-winning memory care for those with Alzheimer's or other dementia related disease. Place your trust in Perry Lutheran Homes progressive memory care for all types and stages of dementia in a safe and loving environment. line&para One hundred percent of our full-time direct care staff are trained and certified through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners (NCCDP) within six months of being hired. Your loved one will receive the highest level of specialized care possible, and you will have expert staff by your side to help you learn about Alzheimer's or dementia, provide you support, and help you better engage with your loved one. Expert Certified Dementia Practitioners along with support staff trained specifically in dementia care are here to support, nurture, and care for each individual as they reach their full potential in a homelike environment. line&para Our early stage Alzheimer's or dementia care is on Spring Valley Campus and focuses on maintaining independence. Our mid-stage Alzheimer’s or dementia care is our St. James Neighborhood on Willis Campus and focuses on environmental stimulation through a strategically designed environment. Our advanced stage Alzheimer’s or dementia care is our St. John’s Neighborhood on Willis Campus and focuses on sensory stimulation through a sensory-connected environment. line&para Rehabilitative Therapy—Perry Lutheran Homes brings you the best that therapy has to offer with physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology services. line&para Successful rehabilitation starts at Perry Lutheran Homes! Perry Lutheran Homes offers a complete range of therapy options by partnering with Blue Stone Therapy Solutions. Blue Stone specializes in skilled nursing environments to provide a customized therapy plan with positive resident outcomes. Plus, you can enjoy life while you rehabilitate! Relax with the comforts of home in the convenience of our home. Enjoy delicious meal options with open dining and snacks anytime. Stay social with a variety of onsite activities or have fun engaging with the Acorns and Oaks daycare kids. Take in the sunshine with outdoor living on our front courtyard or side patio. Join us for weekly Bible study and worship service. Look and feel your best with onsite beauty and barber services. line&para Respite Care—Do you or someone you know need a short-term break from caregiving to recharge and focus on your own health and well-being? Perhaps you or a loved one need rest and recovery after an accident, illness, or surgery? line&para Caregiving can be highly demanding and stressful, and no one is equipped or expected to do it all without some help. It takes strength to reach out for help before your own health and well-being is in serious jeopardy as a result of stressful circumstances faced every day. Utilizing respite care before you become exhausted, isolated, and overwhelmed is incredibly important. line&para Respite care offers relief and renewal and can restore a sense of balance to the lives of caregivers and has many benefits for both you and your loved one. You can enjoy spending time with friends or family, tackle that to-do list of errands or go shopping, focus on some self-care like going to a medical appointment or getting your hair done, and make sure to take some time to relax and unwind. Your loved one will get a chance to meet new people and take part in interesting activities, relax in a comfortable home away from home, and enjoy knowing that you are taking some time for yourself. line&para Perry Lutheran Homes offers respite care in safe, caring, and professional environments with highly trained and compassionate staff. Whether you or your loved one is recovering from a surgery, fall or illness, in need of a little help, a lot of help, or dementia-specific help for a few days or a few weeks, we're here for you. line&para Respite care at Willis Campus is designed for higher levels of care or memory care. A respite stay at Willis Campus includes intermediate, long-term, skilled nursing, and memory care respite; private or semi-private rooms; three daily meals; 24/7 access to highly trained staff; daily task and medication administration; housekeeping and laundry services; convenient, onsite therapy services; enjoy weekly Bible study and worship services; engage with the onsite daycare children if desired; take part in social events and activities designed to match personal abilities and interests; look their best with onsite beauty and barber services; and more! line&para


Utilities included (gas, electric, water, garbage). Cable, phone, and Internet ready apartments

Dining Options:

We serve three meals daily. We have private dining rooms for large and small gatherings.

Cleaning Services:

Housekeeping and laundry services available to all residents.


As a Christian caring community, Perry Lutheran Homes believes that every person living with us is a valued member of our community, our home, and God's kingdom. We believe people should come here to live and thrive. Because of this, we get to know each person individually to help them retain their identity. Each individual's personality, history, background, likes, and abilities are taken into consideration for our care plans. This is all part of our IdentitE program.

IdentitE (iden•ti•tee)—Personalized care focused on achieving the highest level of identity through Engagement, Education, Entertainment, Exercise, and Enrichment.

Engagement—Living is all about connecting with people, the community, families, and your surroundings.

Education—Learning never stops, nor does the desire to learn. Perry Lutheran Homes brings customized learning opportunities to promote growth at every age.

Entertainment—Staying busy is what keeps our lives moving forward. Entertainment is focused around preferences and abilities unique to each resident.

Exercise—Wellness is a part of well-being. At Perry Lutheran Homes, we work to utilize the outdoors, all-ability bicycles, sensory gardens, and other activities to promote health.

Enrichment—Life is enriched through spiritual and personal connection. Daily devotions, social interactions, staff compassion, and other unique opportunities allow for meaningful relationships with God and others.

Common Areas and Special Features:

All residents are welcome to enjoy our common areas, including large atrium gathering space with flat screen TV, outdoor patio living area, fireside room, billiards room, reading room, main dining hall, and private dining rooms for large and small gatherings.

Our memory care program’s unique features include award-winning CCDI memory care communities recognized by LeadingAge Iowa (St. James neighborhood and St. John’s neighborhood), 100% of direct care staff trained as Certified Dementia Practitioners through the NCCDP within six months of hire, Music & Memory certified (one of only 19 in Iowa), inter-generational interaction with onsite daycare children from Acorns and Oaks Christian daycare, onsite and innovative therapy services (physical, occupational, and speech), podiatry services, optometry services, dental services, onsite social worker, weekly worship and Bible study, onsite beauty and barber shop, family support group, meaningful mission projects, art therapy, pet therapy, music therapy, personalized care and activities through IdentitE program, and innovative It’s Never 2 Late (iN2L) person-centered technology.

St. James—Perry Lutheran Homes received the Best Innovation in Aging Services and Housing Award for St. James CCDI memory care community focusing on life skills environmental stimulation. The Perry Lutheran Homes recognized that lack of stimulation and engagement is a prime factor contributing to depression, boredom, and aggressive behavior, especially for seniors with dementia. When renovating its memory care community, Perry Lutheran Homes built life-skill stimulation areas to appeal to different resident needs.

St. James memory care community boast many homelike and daily routine areas. Dad’s Garage features a partial vehicle interior, changeable community scene for driving simulation, and a mechanic’s work area. Main Street boasts an enclosed deck with flowers and greenery for residents to relax and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The kitchen area helps seniors recall memories of cooking a family dinner. A secretary’s station is situated with a desk, typewriter, and office supplies allowing for paperwork and filing. The nursery provides an area complete with changing table, bassinet, and baby dolls to model childcare. These St. James life-skill stimulation areas help implement a person-centered care approach fostering a home-like environment.

St. John’s—Perry Lutheran Homes received the Best Innovation in Aging Services and Housing Award for St. John's memory care community focusing on a sensory-connected environment. When planning the redesign of the advanced stage memory care community, St. John’s, the team at Perry Lutheran Homes focused on how a lack of simulation and engagement for residents drives depression, boredom, and increased behaviors. The sensory connected environment makes this redesign unique with the goal to tap into the resident’s meaningful memories and create an individualized homelike, peaceful environment. The strongest early memories are church, school, and home. So, the Perry Lutheran Homes team set out to recreate an environment to tap into the hippocampus, a portion of the brain that stores one’s fondest memories.

St. John’s features a church, an old general store, a one-room country school, a parlor, authentic dining room and kitchen, and several screens that can be programmed with various outdoor or engagement scenes. There is an outside deck containing a sensory garden. Another unique feature is the snoezelen area where special lights, materials, and aromatherapy help to reduce anxiety. Behaviors, falls, and the use of psychotropics have decreased immensely since the redesign of St. John’s. The details make it more like home, and staff love to see relief and joy on family member’s faces when they see their loved one content, happy, and responding to them.

Perry Lutheran Homes tenants, residents, staff, and community volunteers have found such great purpose and meaning when working together on mission projects. Whether its packing meals for Meals from the Heartland, rolling bandages for Global Health Ministries, cutting denim for Sole Hope, or other various mission projects, it feels so amazing to step up and serve together! People come to Perry Lutheran Homes to live a life full of fun, fellowship, and meaning. No matter your age or ability, life is meant to be lived! Join us in one of our current mission projects that benefit those on a global scale!

Our long-term skilled nursing care services and amenities include personalized long-term care approach; private and semiprivate nursing home rooms; Medicare and Medicaid certified; physical, occupational, and speech therapy through Blue Stone Therapy Solutions; 24/7 long-term care and nursing home care team; weekly Bible study and worship services onsite, pastoral care and chaplain services; onsite beauty and barber shop; delicious and nutritious meal options with restaurant style menu selection and snacks on request; daily interaction and connection with children (if desired) through onsite Acorns and Oaks Christian daycare; engaging educational and robust variety of social activities onsite; meaningful, mission projects; daily wellness activities; highly trained and qualified care staff; housekeeping and laundry services; pharmaceutical and laboratory services; transportation and wheelchair accessible van; onsite social worker; complimentary Wi-Fi; pet friendly, visitors can bring pets with proof of vaccination and we have a community cat and bird aviary onsite; outdoor courtyard and patio; and podiatry, optometry, and dental services available.

Perry Lutheran Homes offers a complete range of therapy options by partnering with Blue Stone Therapy Solutions. Blue Stone specializes in skilled nursing environments to provide a customized therapy plan with positive resident outcomes. Plus, you can enjoy life while you rehabilitate! Relax with the comforts of home in the convenience of our home. Enjoy delicious meal options with open dining and snacks anytime. Stay social with a variety of onsite activities or have fun engaging with the Acorns and Oaks daycare kids. Take in the sunshine with outdoor living on our front courtyard or side patio. Join us for weekly Bible study and worship service. Look and feel your best with onsite beauty and barber services.

Perry Lutheran Homes and Acorns and Oaks Christian daycare have partnered together to create a unique, yet perfect match. Intergenerational programs offer younger and older generations the opportunity to interact, engage, and form connections that benefit both the individuals and the community. This life-enriching mission provides countless benefits to both residents at Perry Lutheran Homes and children at Acorns and Oaks.

Perry Lutheran Homes is one of the very few in Iowa, if not the nation, to offer intergenerational, Christian daycare in a long-term care setting. When you think about ways to enrich the lives of those around us, you immediately think about how relationships and connections are so very important to happiness, health, and well-being. Acorns and Oaks provides so much to both the children and residents of Perry Lutheran Homes.

Intergenerational programs provide benefits when strategically planned and implemented. Older adults can experience enhanced socialization, stimulated learning, increased emotional support, and improved health. Children whom are a part of these kinds of programs see improved academic performance, enhanced social skills, decreased negative behavior, and increased stability.

Perry Lutheran Homes Meals on Wheels supports the health and wellbeing of older adults and others in Perry and the northern Dallas County area every day. Our dedicated team of drivers and volunteers deliver a wide variety of nutritious meals between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Not only do we deliver meals, we deliver smiles, friendly faces, warm greetings, and daily encouragement. Drivers check on the safety of clients and may spot additional needs related to health or wellbeing, and StepUp to offer up a resource to meet those needs. Because our drivers may be the only person a client sees during the day, he or she also may be a vital lifeline in the event of a medical emergency. Perry Lutheran Homes Meals on Wheels focuses on caring for older adults or others in need who are homebound because of illness, physical or mental impairment, who are unable to shop for food and/or prepare food independently, or who are otherwise isolated.

Home Care—Live well at home by bringing compassionate and professionally trained staff from our home to yours with Perry Lutheran Homes Home Care. Our home care offers family education and engagement (keeping you informed and involved), highly qualified and trained caregivers, personalized care plan customized for you specific needs, companionship, assistance with activities of daily living (eating, grooming, dressing, bathing), higher level care support (medication management and wellness checks), one-on-one personal care providing compassionate and supportive assistance.

Perry Lutheran Homes offers an innovative Music & Memory program which brings iPods filled with personalized music selections to tenants, residents, and those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia to enhance their memories and enrich their lives. Grounded in research about how brains respond to music, this program offers benefits from the therapeutic potential of music to tap into deep memories and reconnect with the world. Perry Lutheran Homes is one of only twenty Music & Memory certified providers in the entire state of Iowa.

The first Perry Lutheran Homes residents to participate in the program were dementia residents of St. James and St. John’s award-winning memory care units. Staff members work with families to put together in-depth social histories detailing resident’s past professions, activities, hobbies, childhood years, likes, dislikes, favorite songs, and preferred genres of music. Using all this information, a unique playlist is created and downloaded onto a personal iPod. Fine-tuning takes place to ensure and document positive response and desired therapeutic results. Music sessions are then arranged according to resident needs to decrease agitation and anxiety, and to elicit feelings of happiness and well-being.

All-ability bicycle—Perry Lutheran Homes focuses on offering personalized care and activities unique to the likes, desires, and abilities of each tenant and resident. What a joy to cycle again or perhaps try riding a bike for the first time! Our all-ability, Fun2Go cycle is designed for both safety and enjoyment. One person steers and both can pedal, if able. With seats being right next to one another, communication can take place freely. Bonus, an optional electric engine can also give riders a boost. The purchase of this amazing cycle was made possible through our many families, donors, volunteers, and supporters that believe in the mission of Perry Lutheran Homes!


We offer scheduled transportation in our wheelchair accessible van.

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