Senior Placement Services Iowa

Senior Placement Services Iowa

Understanding The Different Senior Placement Services Available

As your body begins to age, it becomes much harder for you to take care of yourself. The golden years can be filled with beautiful memories of seeing your kids have kids of their own, but as your health wanes, you’ll find that it’s not easy looking after yourself when you’re old. Sometimes you may have medical needs, other times you only require basic assistance, either way, moving from one form of senior placement services in Iowa to another just seem like the right option. Unfortunately, it can be pricey, and not everyone can afford such care.

The first thing you need to know about senior placement services in Iowa is that there are different options available. There is full blown 24/7 nursing home care, and there’s also basic independent living assistance. The more care you require, the more it’ll cost you. Let’s examine the different options that are available

1) Independent Living

Those that are considering senior placement services in Iowa for the first time usually require only minimal help with their regular activities. This type of care is called “independent living.” Retirement homes are a typical example of “independent living.” From the name, you can guess that the senior is mainly responsible for themselves, with the community providing meals, help with laundry and transportation to and from occasions. The primary advantage of this type of community is the social aspect as it gives the seniors a chance to bond with their peers and form strong friendships. On average, independent living costs about $1,200 to $2,600 a month.

2) Assisted Living

The next step or stage in senior housing and the most popular is assisted living. It usually occurs in a community where the seniors are housed in apartment-like rooms. The type of care given often varies. It can be just laundry and meals or include comprehensive medical care. Assisted living is typically the first option for those diagnosed early with Alzheimer’s disease. Assisted living communities are usually nicer, better staffed, and offer more care than those of independent living. It can cost from $2,500 to $4,000 on average. Of course, the price can be higher depending on the type of facilities offered.

3) Nursing Home

This is one of the best senior placement services in Iowa. Nursing home facilities are designed to handle seniors with severe medical and physical needs. It offers 24/7 monitoring and medical care, and the patients usually live a very organized lifestyle. While nursing homes have come a long way, they are looked down on by seniors. The cost of nursing home facilities varies and depends on several factors like quality of care, type of services available, and location.

4) Hospice Care

This is more of a last resort option. Hospice centers are designed to provide care to individuals with little time to live. The goal isn’t to provide medical care, but to make the patients as comfortable as can be in their last months. Price differs significantly, but make sure to check your options as Medicare may cover the cost.


Senior placement services have evolved from the dingy old nursing homes people hated. There are communities – notably assisted living communities – that are wonderful and offer excellent companionship.


Senior Placement Services Iowa
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