Quad Cities Senior Living Help

Quad Cities Senior Living Help

How To Help Your Elderly Loved One Accept Quad Cities Senior Living Help

One of the most difficult changes an older adult will have to face is living their home to a home for seniors. Even when every member of the family is sure that Quad Cities senior living help is what is best for the older adult, getting that person to come to terms with the new truth might be emotionally challenging. You and your elderly parent may have decided that moving to this new home is the best option, but making your parent ready to emotionally detract from the old home and accept the new home is always difficult. However, before you start trying to help your parent, understanding what is involved in the process is important.

How To Help Your Loved One Adjust And Accept Quad Cities Senior Living Help

1) Keep Communication Lines Open

Remember that you play a vital role in the transition phase of your aging parent. Even if you will not see them every day, keeping in touch through phone calls, texts and other methods is a good way to ensure a successful transition. Also, talking to the staff at the facility about how your loved one is hanging in is a good way to help them. Find out if they are socializing in the facility or isolating themselves. If they are not socializing, talk to them about it and encourage them to try as much as possible to mix with others.

2) Banish Guilt

It's easy for you to eat yourself up with guilt when you send your parents to an assisted living facility. However, you need to fight the urge to feel guilty by convincing yourself that it is the best decision for everyone. Remember that this move will be beneficial to the health and wellbeing of your elderly parent. Convince yourself that you didn't do it for selfish reasons but out of love and genuine interest.

3) Bring Their Items With You

Since your elder has just moved into a new and strange environment, it is vital that you carry some of their items to the facility to help them feel at home. Items that have sentimental value are perfect for this. Pictures, priced medals, or just about anything that your loved one considers special is enough to make a difference.

4) Avoid Visiting Too Often

Visiting your loved one who just got into a senior care facility is essential. However, no matter how tempting it might get, try not to visit too often. When you make it a habit of stopping by all the time, your loved one will not have the time to make new friends and adapt to the new environment. This is especially so during the transition period. Give them space to get involved in the new community.


Quad Cities Senior living help is not easy to accept by the entire family especially by the elder who has to adapt to a new environment. However, with cooperation from caregivers and hard-working staff, your loved one can make the transition with ease. Do your part in making things easier for your loved one.


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