LivWell Works

Is LivWell Works For Your Company?

$34 billion a year is lost in employee productivity due to eldercare responsibilities.

More employees develop health problems from the stress of eldercare than from childcare.

More than 25% of American families are involved in elder/parent care.

How many of these are YOUR employees?

What Is LivWell Works?

LivWell Works is a one-hour lunch and learn session coordinated by any company with employees that may be struggling to balance the responsibilities of work and being a caregiver to an aging parent or loved one. At the same time, it also provides valuable pre-planning information for those who are not yet in this situation, but could find themselves there at any time.

Why LivWell Works?

The purpose of LivWell Works is two-fold. First, its purpose is to provide employers with a program that can help their staff be more productive, engaged, and less stressed. Second, its purpose is to educate employees about the options and tools available to pre-empt a crisis that may result in extensive absences from work, lost wages, and stress.

This program lasts approximately one hour. The first 30 minutes will cover topics such as,

  • How to know if a senior loved one is at risk
  • Financial considerations and resources
  • Medicare versus Medicaid

The second half of the session will be an open Q&A with the goal of ensuring that every audience member walks away with a set of tools and full understanding of what can be done to prevent potentially stressful situation at home and at work.

Benefits of LivWell Works

For Caregiving Employees

  • Less time off work
  • More productivity
  • Less stress

For Employers

  • More focused employee
  • Highly engaged employee
  • Increased employee productivity

How to Schedule a LivWell Works Lunch & Learn

It’s simple. To schedule your first session, contact LivWell Seniors' Owner and Senior Resource Specialist, Rhonda Halterman, at (563) 265-1553.